The service for making the anonymity stronger in the bitcoins

The system of cryptocurrency offers the complete anonymity of the parties in the transaction. However, there is the way to improve it even more – to mix the coins with the help of This way it is totally impossible to track the sender and the receiver of the transaction.

The hidden sides of cryptocurrency

After some time, when using the cryptocurrency, you can face some difficulties. Thereby, it is recommended to study the potential problems in advance. That is why it is worth remembering that all existing crypto-currencies are a financial tool:

  • The risk is always higher than with usual currencies
  • At the same time, the opportunities to earn money on crypto-exchanges are also great.

 crypto currency

This explains the wide interest of the public around the first electronic currency – bitcoin. Once people realized that it allows you to earn real money, many people tried to make a profit in a similar way. Those who became participants in the system at the very beginning can really make good money today.

However, those who bought bitcoin later and at a higher price put themselves at serious risk. It is worth noting that the market for cryptocurrency has little difference from other financial instruments. The history of the appearance of cryptocurrency begins with a group of programmers, who presented the world the first electronic currency – bitcoin.

Improving anonymity with

The system offers the complete anonymity. There is the way to improve it even more – to mix the coins with the help of This makes tracking impossible and protects both sides of the transaction.