Production and Uses of Fullerenes

Fullerenes, an allotrope of carbon exhibiting ball like structures were discovered way back in 1965. However, production and mass manufacture of the allotrope has been a challenge.

In the beginning, it was believed that the allotrope could be produced using laser vaporizations of carbon compounds. However, this yielded tiny amounts of fullerenes which could not even provide enough material for study. Later in 1990, Kratschmer and Huffman developed a special apparatus to isolate fullerenes. This apparatus used an arc to vaporize graphite and the results were amazing.

More methods for producing fullerenes were discovered later. For example, it was found the simple ACĀ  or DC arc could produce C60 abundantly. This is the main method of commercial production of fullerenes today.

The Pentagon Road mechanism has been used to describe the yield of C60. It describes the various conditions that optimally allow the isolation of fullerenes during synthesis. While there are many methods of production, the ‘Pentagon road’ is the only method that can describe high yields of C60.

Fullerenes can be found naturally in soot as buckytubes or buckyonions. They also occur in different stones. More can be learned about and more info here natural occurrences of fullerenes.

Fullerenes use

Commercial production of fullerenes is on the rise everywhere due to its various properties. Various companies are competing to buy C60 fullerenes for their great properties. With research, more and more uses of fullerenes are being discovered every day.

Many uses of Fullerenes is still under study and many are already being used. Fullerenes are being used in cosmetic products and have shown great promise as skin protectors in creams and care products. In solar cells, they have been used to harness greater amount of solar energy compared to any other agent. In coating materials as well, fullerenes have been used successfully to reduce friction and resistance. It has been used in chains, pumps, gears, ball bearings etc. Medical uses of fullerenes are under heavy study and research shows its promise as great antivirals and drug and gene delivery agents.

To Buy C60 Fullerenes you can refer to and other companies that are expert fullerene producers. As such, Fullerenes hold a promising future as its properties when combined with other elements continue to surprise us.